Buy Local – Buy BC

Buy Local – “Buy BC”, “Buy Canadian” In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded by our provincial government to support local restaurants, farmers, and food producers,  arguing that Buy BC is important for the economic and social well being of individuals and the country.[i] Additionally, the federal government, worried about consumers becoming […]

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Food History Inquiry Pandemic Projects

Food History Inquiry Pandemic Projects The potential for using the study of food is often overlooked in education.  Yet food is necessary to human survival and can be linked to just about every human activity or industry and almost all school subjects through food history inquiry pandemic projects. Online study has grown by necessity and […]

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Newspaper Recipes 1878

Newspaper Recipes 1878 In an earlier post I shared a recipe for butter making and how to re-store aged butter. Butter making was a challenge in early settler days of British Columbia and the inclusion of this recipe in 1860 marked the beginning of newspaper recipes in the Victoria Daily Colonist and in British […]

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Christmas cheer

Christmas Cheer  Here we are past the first week of December and Christmas is very present in my house. The tree is up and my whole neighbourhood this year turned on the outside decorations early to cheer the mood and brighten the dark dreary days and nights of December. It’s hard to know what people […]

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Cod liver oil

Cod Liver Oil  Sixty years ago, school children in Alberta and BC (and likely in other provinces) were given doses of cod liver oil as a dietary supplement in the winter months. Sometimes it was by the spoonful or through gel capsules. We were told it would give us Vitamin D  – the “sunshine vitamin”, […]

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Boomtown Butcher Shops

Boomtown Butcher Shops Business was booming in BC from the 1890s up to the Great War.  Two butcher shops opened in 1908-1909 in the Lower Mainland: James Inglis Reid Meats in Vancouver, and P. Burns and Co. Butcher Shop in Port Moody. Each one played out a different story of success. The history of Reid’s […]

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Ethel Mulvany Changi Prisoner of War Cookbook

Ethel Mulvany: Changi Prisoner of War Cookbook The taste of longing: Ethel Mulvany and her starving prisoners of war cookbook (2020) was written by Suzanne Evans, who holds a PhD in Religious Studies and is a former Research Fellow at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.  The Taste of Longing demonstrates how living in our imaginations […]

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