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Automatic Toasters

Automatic Toasters Automatic toasters ensured more people ate toast for breakfast.   A recent survey found that one out of four Canadians currently make toast their breakfast food[i]. In British Columbia this practice may be partly attributed to marketing campaigns by BC Electric Railway (later BC Electric, now BC Hydro). “ In June 1923 B.C. Electric […]

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Food Grinders

Food Grinders An image of a Home Food Grinder recently surfaced on the internet, with the caption,  “Do you know what this is?” I have kept my mother’s Home Food Grinder in my cupboard for years, mostly for sentimental reasons. My mother would hook it up to the kitchen table and my brother and sister […]

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Technology in the kitchen – the old is new

Technology in the kitchen – the old is new Most museums have kitchen displays, and this week’s topic is kitchen technology.  In the traditionally-set up kitchen display, visitors usually comment on the quaintness of the old-time kitchen utensils but the implications of kitchen technology are seldom explored.  In actuality, kitchens hold history hostage;  they represent […]

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Salmon Canneries in BC – the Smith Butcher Machine

If you follow the BC Food History Facebook page, you’ll see a recent post about Joe Coyle, the BC man who invented the egg carton. There’s another invention that deserves recognition for even more long-reaching effects on the BC food industry. The Smith Butcher Machine (also known as the “Iron Chink”) was both a technological […]

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