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Butter – Early BC staple

Butter – An Early Staple We have had several past blogs about butter and I remain fascinated by it and its apparent importance during the settler years of the 1800s. One past blog was on butter making:  In a second blog I claimed that “How to Make Butter in Five Minutes Without a Churn!” […]

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Nabob Foods Home Service

Nabob Foods Home Service   Nabob Foods Home Services department produced cook books, spice charts, and other educational materials until the 1970s.  Consumers who sent in 25 cents and labels from four different Nabob products would receive “Time-honoured Recipes of the Canadian West”, all selected by Jean White, Director of  the Nabob Home Services Department. In […]

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Nabob Foods

Nabob Foods Nabob Foods is a BC company!  This surprising fact was brought to our attention in a recent Culinary Historians of Canada post.  The next couple of blogs will focus on the rise, fall and rise again of Nabob. In 1896 Nabob Foods was founded by Robert Kelly and Frank Douglas in Vancouver, BC […]

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Butchers of Barkerville

Butchers of Barkerville By guest blogger Ken Mather, author of several books on pioneer and ranching history, including Trail North, Ranch Tales, and the most recent Stagecoach North. Ken has worked in curatorial, management and research positions at Historic O’Keefe Ranch, Hat Creek Ranch, and Barkerville.   As I wrote in a previous blog, the […]

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Boomtown Butcher Shops

Boomtown Butcher Shops Business was booming in BC from the 1890s up to the Great War.  Two butcher shops opened in 1908-1909 in the Lower Mainland: James Inglis Reid Meats in Vancouver, and P. Burns and Co. Butcher Shop in Port Moody. Each one played out a different story of success. The history of Reid’s […]

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Soda Water

Soda Water in BC As food history researchers we never know what might pique our interest. Recently I was looking at the collection of food images in the BC Archives Royal BC Museum website[i]. When I came across an advertisement for Thorpe’s Soda,  I immediately wanted to know what it was all about. It turns out that […]

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