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Seville Oranges and Dundee Marmalade

Seville Oranges and Dundee Marmalade Oranges do not have to be from Seville and marmalade doesn’t have to be made in Dundee, Scotland.  Yet, marmalade that’s not made with bitter oranges runs the risk of being just “orange jam”.  And Dundee marmalade began in 1790 when a Dundonian, James Keiller, bought rotting Spanish oranges (either […]

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Plum puddings and Proust

Plum puddings and Proust Marcel Proust  ate a madeleine – and a flood of memories resulted in a deep philosophical text about making memory conscious through one’s senses.  In fact the madeleine has become a symbol of memories that arise unintentionally.  The practicalities of  baking give another dimension to  memories, requiring skill, equipment and for […]

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What’s Making Food History – 10/21/2019

Food safety’s in the news again. See these links about very recent recalls and admonishments to food safety leaders not to take food safety for granted. (thanks KB for the first two links) Drawing the line in food safety: Whole Foods E-coli recall:  And here is a story from Atlas Obscura about The […]

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Indigenous Food Practices 1875-76

Indigenous Food Practices 1875-76 The careful observations of an early geologist in British Columbia provide a unique window into how BC’s Indigenous peoples lived local and off the land. My reading has recently taken me to The Journals of George M. Dawson: British Columbia, 1875-1878. The Journals are two volumes edited by Douglas Cole and […]

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Sun-Rype of Kelowna

“Deep roots, strong branches, the history of Sun-Rype” began as a memoir by Ian Greenwood who was a manager of new product development and later General Manager for Sun-Rype Products Ltd from 1952 – 82.  Greenwood embeds his memories in a history of orchards in the Okanagan starting with Father Pandosy in 1859, Lord and […]

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“Let’s Serve Canned Salmon”

“Let’s Serve Canned Salmon” was a recipe booklet promoting BC canned salmon developed by the Home Economics Section, Department of Fisheries, Ottawa. In addition to the booklet, there was a filmstrip that could be borrowed by home economics teachers and women’s organizations “free of charge.” The booklet reflects the time when the Canadian Government promoted […]

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