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Four Ways to Roast a Turkey in BC

Four Ways to Roast a Turkey in BC Food researchers are increasingly using cookbooks sources for historical, cultural, and sociological data. Some people suggest that one way to approach recipe research is to look at examples of the same recipe from different cookbooks (e.g., Cotter,1997; Leach & Inglis , 2003; Wheaton, 2014)[i] . By examining […]

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Freshly Picked Book Review

Freshly Picked: A Locavore’s Love Affair with BC’s Bounty. Halfmoon Bay, BC: Caitlin Press I can always count on BC Ferries to introduce me to new BC titles.  On a recent trip I picked up a delightful read by Whistler resident, Jane Reid.  Some of you may be familiar with her work from articles in […]

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Quantity cookery

Quantity cookery, or cooking for large groups of people, is an underrated skill and one that needs to be retrieved. Considering that $31billion worth of food is wasted each year in Canada, amounting to 40% of all food produced, food waste is both an economic and a social problem.  Of the 40% of food currently […]

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