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Applesauce the Wear-Ever Way

Wear-Ever pots and utensils have played an important role in North American cuisine, and one unexpected way is in the making of applesauce. A few years ago I was visiting a friend and she was making applesauce to preserve for her grandchildren.  “So much work,” she complained, “all that peeling and coring.” I said to her […]

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Cherry Olives

This final look at mock food considers the use of one ingredient to create a food that is not locally available, for example, the use of cherries to make Cherry Olives. The Okanagan area of British Columbia has an abundance of cherries in the summer months but olives don’t grow here. It’s not clear when […]

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Taking Refrigeration for Granted

The current cold snap notwithstanding, we take refrigeration for granted these days. We expect that perishable produce will be available to us year round and that we can keep milk in the refrigerator for two weeks. In the not-so-distant past refrigeration was out of reach for ordinary people. Up to the 19th Century, perishable or […]

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Buffaloberry – A Super Fruit

The buffaloberry (Shepherdia canadensi), also known as bulberry, soopolallie, soapberry or foamberry, is a old/new super fruit that grows in every province across Canada (except PEI) and also the western and northern United States. The buffaloberry bush grows one to four metres high in open forests and thickets and has slim grey-green leaves.  It can […]

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