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Meat Rationing in World War II

I was going through an old button box the other day when I came across this: Not knowing what it was, I had to do a little research.  It turns out that it is a meat ration token from World War II produced by the Canadian Government. People who lived through the war years in […]

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Hospital Food

Hospital Food of the Past While there is a claim that hospital food is being revolutionized[i] by sourcing and preparing more local, nutritious food, a friend who recently spent some time in a BC hospital described the food as “downright awful.” We are reminded especially in the Okanagan that the soil is productive and at […]

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BC Studies book reviews related to food history

In an earlier blog, I wrote about our project to document food related articles in BC historical journals.  I annotated the articles I identified in BC Studies: The British Columbia Quarterly, a scholarly journal that published peer-reviewed research. Each issue also featured book reviews.  In the early guidelines for BC Studies, Margaret Prang suggested that […]

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