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What’s Making Food History – 01/03/20 Puffed wheat squares – Red Deer’s claim to fame? BCFHN Facebook had a recipe for puffed wheat candy in 2014: Remember when we used to go to Alberta Beach with a four-foot tall bag of Prairie Maid puffed wheat? Some of it got made into puffed wheat candy – the Prairie equivalent to rice […]

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Plum puddings and Proust

Plum puddings and Proust Marcel Proust  ate a madeleine – and a flood of memories resulted in a deep philosophical text about making memory conscious through one’s senses.  In fact the madeleine has become a symbol of memories that arise unintentionally.  The practicalities of  baking give another dimension to  memories, requiring skill, equipment and for […]

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What’s Making Food History 28/10/19 The amanita is a deadly invasive species transported to Vancouver and Victoria via the roots of the hornbeam in the 1960s and 70s.. CBC reports that over 200 calls have been reported to the BC Poison Control Centre, mainly concerning children under five who have eaten them. The mushroom is also deadly to dogs.

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What’s Making Food History – 10/21/2019

Food safety’s in the news again. See these links about very recent recalls and admonishments to food safety leaders not to take food safety for granted. (thanks KB for the first two links) Drawing the line in food safety: Whole Foods E-coli recall:  And here is a story from Atlas Obscura about The […]

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